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A perfect morning

Remember that “perfect” morning I described yesterday?  Well, I’ll be damned as I nearly lived it today.  I still needed the alarm to wake up, and it was raining during my morning walk with the dogs, but then I found myself with 20 minutes for some yoga a la Jillian Michaels!

If you have dogs, do they lose their little minds when they get wet?  Mine were a droopy on the walk, but the instant they got in the door and their leashes off they turned into two Tasmanian devils.  Jumping from carpet to carpet, tussling, spinning in circles, and in general acting crazy.  It was awesome.  I tried to get pictures of it but they were moving way too fast to even think about being captured on film:

Anyhow, I really like Jillian’s yoga DVD.  It’s not for you traditional yogis out there, but it’s a decent workout.  You work through typical /basic yoga poses with range of motion movement added to “raise your heart rate and burn fat.”  There are 2 workouts on the DVD…each 30 minutes.  I only had 20 minutes this morning, but 20 is better than 0. 

I’m glad I didn’t need to be very Zen because my practice had frequent interruptions by this thing:

(Cubby’s favorite toy)

He has some serious skills and can pelt me with the hotdog with surprising force…typically followed by his “play with me right now” bark.   Woof!

Overnight Barley Oats were eaten as I made my lunch. 

Leftover Enchiladas, Salad & Strawberries.  I have some other snacks waiting for me at work (Greek yogurt/Fruit/walnuts combo & Oatmeal.)  Yum!

Hey, did you notice that it’s almost Friday?!  This week has totally flown by!  Enjoy your Thursday night…you know what I’ll be doing (hint:  it rhymes with Dampire Viaries.) 

Queen of the Leftovers

My morning started with two un-pictured (don’t hate, it was way too early to break out the camera) Eggs in a Cup.  Reheated and shoved into my mouth while grabbing my bags and dashing out the door.  Not ideal, but breakfast nonetheless.  In a perfect world I would wake up without an alarm, walk theRead More >

Mail Time!

Look what showed up in the mail the other day… Body Pump 75 I can’t reveal too much about what 75 has in store…but let me tell you, it is major! And totally hard-core, though interestingly there is a lack of rock music this go around.  But you won’t even miss it (‘cause you’ll beRead More >

Spinning #71

For lack of a better title, this is Spinning #71, which is what we rode Saturday morning.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:  this is my favorite indoor cycling profile.  It’s our Mountain Bike Loop de Loop, minus the mountain, dirt, scrapes & bruises that typically accompany mountain biking.       You’ve got 3Read More >

Organization (Part II)

The kitchen is in nearly perfect order…well, not perfect as presently there is a pile of dishes in the sink awaiting transfer to the dishwasher…but nearly perfectly organized.  Even the new Spice Rack/Organizer got hung on the wall last weekend.  Isn’t it beautiful? Like a piece of art :o)   And I can testify to itRead More >

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