Do you ever have those days when you wake up and you are hands-down, no-joke hungry?  That was me this morning.  Um, did I hike the Appalachian Trail last night?  Swim the English Channel?  What’s up with this appetite? 

After a smoothie for breakfast (there wasn’t time for much else, otherwise it would have been a big omelet and some Millet bread) I was still hungry.  Now I have to stop here, sometimes my body/mind is a devious little trickster and when I think I’m hungry, I’m actually anxious, feeling down, or just thirsty.  But this morning, it felt like the real thing.  Not ravenous & I knew I wasn’t going to waste away into nothingness.  But it was enough that it was irritating. 

After digging some almonds out of the depths of my purse (see them in there?) I remembered this tea I picked up the other day:  The Republic of Tea “Get Lost.”  

 Its tag line is Herb Tea for Weight Control.  I’m always interested (read: skeptical) when I see weight loss products, but it doesn’t seem to have anything too crazy in it.  Ingredients:  Proprietary Blend of Organic Rooibos (leaf), Orange (peel.)  Carob (pod), Cinnamon (bark) Gymnema (leaf) Banaba (leaf) Extract, Natural Orange Flavor.

Let’s hope there’s not something weird in their “proprietary blend” that they aren’t telling us because I’m pleased to say it is in fact, “warm and toasty….and satisfying.”  I might have to buy some more as they have a ton of other teas.  All with very clever names like “get gorgeous”, “get a grip”, and “get it going.”  Cute, right?  Oh damn it!  Me and my susceptibility to marketing…playing right into their hands (again).  Get in line Republic of Tea; you’re not the only one.     

Speaking of all things food, I found a splendid (Thesaurus recommendation for “awesome.”  I have to find a proper replacement for that word!) Vegan Bakery in Fairfax, Virginia.  Why is that relevant?  Because, if you are so inclined to participate in my Saturday morning Spinning class you may get a little holiday somethin’-somethin’ for attending.  Labor Day…a holiday worth celebrating!  Here’s to “the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations”—thank you Wikipedia.

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