Queen of the Leftovers

My morning started with two un-pictured (don’t hate, it was way too early to break out the camera) Eggs in a CupReheated and shoved into my mouth while grabbing my bags and dashing out the door.  Not ideal, but breakfast nonetheless.  In a perfect world I would wake up without an alarm, walk the pooches, do a little yoga, and have a leisurely breakfast sitting at the table reading the newspaper.  But, I do not live in a perfect world.  Well, at least most days I don’t, so I have to make do. 

There are some details in my life that are non-negotiable.  Eating breakfast=non-negotiable.  This happens every single day no matter what.  Eating breakfast while sitting at the table=totally negotiable.   On some days if it means I get 20 more minutes of sleep (also known as 2 snooze button taps)…I’ll gladly eat my breakfast while applying makeup, rushing out of the house, or driving to work.  Nothing like eating peanut butter toast in your car!  Unfortunately, I’ve had a couple of coats fall victim to above referenced peanut butter toast…luckily I know a damn good drycleaner.

The rest of my breakfast this morning was consumed at my desk.  1/2 a grapefruit & a coffee. 

Oh, and if my health coach is reading this (yes, even Health Coaches need their own health coach)…coffee was a necessity this morning.  My goal is to eliminate caffeine completely, but I couldn’t fight it off today.

Lunch was leftover “fried” rice with extra broccoli tossed in. 

I am Queen of the Leftovers for sure!  Only the finest dinning for me as it was eaten on my lap with a paper towel napkin. 

Snack= ½ banana with a scoop of peanut butter (one of my go-to snacks):

…you caught me on this one.  I already ate 1/2 the banana and my peanut butter before I remembered to take the picture.   But here’s half of a banana peel!

And a little later snack= handful of dark chocolate covered almonds:

And the million dollar daily question:  what’s for dinner?  Quick aside here:  do you say “dinner” or “supper” when referring to the last meal of the day?  It’s interesting how if varies around the country.  My parents (shout-out to the Midwest) call it “supper”.  But I dropped that phrase about 2 seconds into my move to college.  Though it was still the Midwest, there is a dramatic difference between Chicago and the little town I grew up in.  Supper was changed to dinner and later with my move to the East Coast “pop” was changed to “soda.”  I know there are other words, but those are the two that I can think of right now. 

Anyway, I was in the mood for 2 things:  Mexican food and Pumpkin.  Would you have ever guessed in a million years that I would find a recipe that combines both of those?  But I did!   Thanks to Julie over at Peanut Butter Fingers I found the perfect recipe.  I decided to add a small amount of ground turkey breast to the Enchiladas, but kept everything else the same.  They are happily nestled in the oven right now.  

Can’t wait to pair one with a green salad…and repeat it tomorrow for lunch (Leftover Queen strikes again)

Oh and I also found a use for this!   Pearled Barley.

  (can you see the enchilada aftermath in the background?)

I bought this about a month ago, but have no idea what its original intention was.  Once again I thank Julie:  behold the Overnight Barley Bowl!

Greek yogurt, barley, and frozen mixed berries.  I have fresh berries, but I love how the frozen ones get soft and runny when they thaw in the yogurt over night.  Yum!  Am looking forward to breakfast tomorrow!

Plans for the evening include some yoga and…well, and that’s about it.  Yogaaahhhhhh….

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3 Responses to Queen of the Leftovers

  1. BIOCHEMISTA says:

    Hi! My name is Lauren from Biochemista.com. I’m putting together a meet & greet happy hour in mid October for DC health bloggers. Let me know if you’re interested in coming! You can follow me on Twitter for updates at LaurBiochemista or follow my blog and I’ll be posting more in the next few weeks. Hope you can make it!


    • Hi Lauren!
      I would *love* to meet other DC health bloggers! I’m kinda new to the whole
      blogoshpere & would really appreciate the chance to network. Thanks for
      letting me know about it. Also, I checked out your blog & you totally rock!
      Congrats on your career change. It can be hard to make changes like that
      (believe me, I know), but when you can find something you love that also
      makes a living…it’s golden! Thanks again Lauren!

  2. Queen says:

    Everything looks delicious! Hooray for leftover queens! :)

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