Iguana Love

…and so I’m back (officially.)  Back from a legendary vacation!  In true Darcy-PJK fashion we waited to the very last minute to decide on a destination (I think we bought the tickets about 18 hours prior to departure).  And the winner……Puerto Rico!   It was awesome. 

We did a lot of this:

And some of this:

Feeding the iguanas!  They were extremely gentle and even let you pet them (they feel very bumpy.)  The iguanas were so cool, and from what I understand are vegetarians.  They love lettuce, bananas and cherries. 

 (that’s my hand!)

 They also enjoy sun bathing by the pool…and occasionally swimming a lap or two. 

No joke!  They would scamper into the water, swim either underwater or with their head above like a dog-paddle, and easily climb out on the other side.  Nothing like hanging out in the pool when you glance over your right shoulder and see an iguana swimming past. 

Other than a couple of days when we took the initiative to explore the “jogging map” (sans jogging), there wasn’t much other activity than what you see above (it was glorious). 

Honestly, I’m worried about surviving this upcoming week as I have been experiencing some serious PVD symptoms (Post Vacation Disorder)  .  You know:  sleeping in, eating out, and not wearing anything that doesn’t have an elastic waistband (swimming suit/pajamas/sweats.)  When you see me in leggings and a tunic tomorrow trying to order room service with my cell phone, you’ll know why :  PVD

Have a great night!  Saturday’s Spinning playlist will go up tomorrow night at the latest (that is, assuming I will survive Monday.)

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