Audition Time & Spinning #73

I had an audition last week.  (How’s that for an opening line?) I’ve gotta tell you, I love throwing that phrase around casually:  so I had an audition last week….I was busy preparing for my audition….my audition went well… It conjures up visions of Broadway, doesn’t it?  Can’t you see me on a stage somewhere singing and dancing my heart out thinking this will be my big break?  Ha! 

It’s not quite as thrilling as Broadway, but I did have an audition for a Group Exercise Instructor at a local gym last week.   But, that’s not the really exciting part.  The exciting part is the Fitness Manager, whom I had the interview with, showed me a super-cool short-cut for bike set up.  Part of the audition was to set up the FM on a bike properly (to prove I actually know what I’m doing). ..Anyway, I was adjusting the saddle fore -aft position the way I was taught:

Fore/Aft seat Position:  Sit on the saddle in riding position, with your hands on the handlebars and the balls of your feet over the center of the pedals. Then position the pedals so they’re level with each other. Use your forward leg for the alignment check. Picture an imaginary line (or have someone hold a plumb line) from the front of your kneecap straight down. Your seat is in the right position when your knee cap is directly above the center of the pedal.  (source:

Then the FM busts out this short-cut: 

#1. place your elbow at the nose of saddle, and reach for the handle bars. 

#2 Have the tip of your middle finger should touch the back of the handle bars. 

And there’s your fore-aft position of the saddle!

Sweet!  My disclaimer is that this won’t work for all bikes & you should still go through the proper bike set up with a Spinning Instructor.  But, I have since tried this trick on several different Spinner® bikes and it worked for me.  So cool…had to pass that along. 

I don’t know about where you live, but it was gorgeous this weekend in the DC metro area…which typically means a smaller Saturday Spinning class.  Despite the smaller numbers the class felt huge!  Everyone brought mega amounts of energy and enthusiasm.  You can find the playlist on iTunes here , but it’s missing the LCD Soundsystem song.  Which is random, but what are you going to do.  

Spinning #73: Interval Energy Zone:  Hills & Valleys:  12 songs, 49.9 minutes

On Melancholy Hill (Feed Me Remix)—Gorillaz (5:10)  Start to warm up and prepare for the ride.  Start by focusing on breathing and pedal stroke.  Gradually increase HR to 65% max.  Find a relaxed flat road. 

1983—Neon Trees (3:42)  Standing Flat.  Moderate resistance.  70% MHR.

Everybody Ona Move—Michael Franti & Spearhead (5:49)  Transition into jumps.  Pace yourself to increase your HR to 80% MHR.  (RPE = 7, difficult, comfortably uncomfortable)

Raise Your Glass—P!nk (3:23)  Standing Flat.  Increase cadence on the chorus to gradually reach at least 85% MHR (RPE = 8, very difficult, could not have a conversation, light burning in the legs)

Obsession—Sky Ferreira (3:43)  Seated Flat.  Challenge:  find a cadence and resistance that keeps you at 80% MHR (RPE = 7, difficult.)  This is not a recovery!

Running Up That Hill—Placebo (4:54)  Start in a Seated Climb.  Gradually increase resistance until a side to side shift in the upper body happens naturally.   At 2 min. Increase resistance again so that you must stand to keep the pedals moving.  Keep the HR up.  Focus on keeping your body weight over the pedals

Hammock—Howls (2:57)  Hill comes off.  Recovery starts now.  Drink.  Allow HR to come down to 65% MHR (RPE = 4, moderately easy, feels perfectly comfortable)

No Love Lost—LCD Soundsystem (3:40)  Increase resistance, increase cadence.   RPE=5 or 6, 70-75% MHR.  1:40 minutes seated flat, remainder of song is a standing flat to elevate MHR…RPE=7 or 8.

Jacksonville—Brandon Flowers (4:01)    Find a heavy hill.  Riders choice of seated or standing…looking for 85% MHR RPE=8, very difficult, light burning in the legs

Ravers in the UK (Video Edit)—Manian (3:21)  Final push to the finish.  1 minute in the saddle. 1 minute standing flat.  Finish in the saddle, high cadence, MHR 92% (RPE= 9, peak effort)

Down—Jason walker (4:06)  Decrease the gear to lower your HR and cool down.

All You Wanted—Alison Sudol/Sounds Under Radio (5:17)  Stretch

In other news, I will début the brand new Body Pump 75 music and choreography in class on Tuesday night at XSport Fitness.  I have been busting my butt (and brain) learning this new release.  It’s so hard core!  You don’t want to miss it!

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