Bow Down To Body Pump

Last night’s Body Pump class was a huge success!  (Me=biggest sigh ever.)  The new choreography!  The new music!  And amazing energy from the class created one of the best Body Pump débuts I have had! 

I did make a couple of “cheat sheets” for myself just in case I forgot something:



What’s crazy is that I write reminder cues on my hands and wrists, but never ever look at them during class.  Maybe it’s the act itself of writing them down (on my skin) that cements the choreography into my head.  Alas, cheat notes or not, I made one obvious mistake, but it was kind of hilarious & just showed how tired my body was.  My legs were finished with bottom-half squats, unfortunately, the track called for 8 more…

Oh, and I must mention the shoulder track, OMG, the shoulder track rocked my face off!!!  (not literally.  Obviously.  Though that would have made for a much different class:  ignore the blood and guts spewing from my face, that’s just my head exploding from awesomeness…now show me your side-raises!) In addition to being the first time I had presented the new choreography to a human audience (Cubby and Nugget are often reluctant participants in Body Pump rehearsal), last night was also the first time I actually lifted real and recommended weight with the new release. 

  I have a body bar at home I use when I practice to help me get the feel of it, but it’s not the same as a bar loaded with 25+lbs.  Not the same at all. 

And so I will list for you, in no particular order, what hurts today. (Not because you asked, but because my muscles are sore and lists make me feel better)…

  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes
  • Mid-upper back
  • Triceps
  • Biceps
  • Shoulders
  • Chest

It’s a good-good hurt! 

Dear Body Pump 75, I bow down to you and your 8-bottom halves, rotator pec-dec, and alternating walking hand hover plank.  Looking forward to spending more time with you the near future!

–Have a great night guys!

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