Pumped Up…and out

Though it’s been nearly 2 weeks since the launch of Body Pump 76 at XSport, I feel I would be negligent if I didn’t post pictures.  And, honestly, BP 76 may be one of my favorite releases so far.

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes action for you:

This is a typical BP rehearsal for me…in the car, listening to the music and teaching a class to my steering wheel, complete with a pretend weight bar.  See what I’m doing there?   I’m doing over head raises in this picture, can’t you tell?  (And no class would be complete without crib notes written on my hand).  I wonder what other drivers think when I pull up to a stop light, music blaring, obviously talking to myself and raising my arms above my head.  One word:  crazy! 

Participating in this launch was a blast!   We had over 30 participants (at 8:15pm no less), 3 high-energy instructors, and a photographer (thanks Betsy!)  What a night!

Squats rock when you’ve got Gaga! 


Killer triceps…

Forget about the arms, lets talk about lunges…

Heather, Vindhya…it was a pleasure teaching with you!

And of course the post-class requisite of dog cuddling. (Not pictured is Nugget curled up in a ball at the crook of my knee.)  Life is good when you have a tired body, a soft couch, and 2 warm cuddly dogs. 

Best. Launch. Ever.  (Until 77, that is!)

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