I’ll juice ya up

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been a juicing fool in the morning.   I’ve only waited this long to write about it because I wanted to make sure it was something that it wasn’t just a fad and was actually going to stick.  It’s sticking, believe me. 

 We’ve had the Jack LaLanne Juicer for about a year now.  There was the initial…oh, let’s play with this new toy phase…promptly followed by the…ugh, where is there room in our tiny kitchen for this big thing?  But it’s re-emerged from the dark recesses of my kitchen cabinets with a vengeance.  RAwrrr….that’s the noise the juicer makes as it pulverizes.  Kinda sexy, huh?

A few Synchronistic events prompted my renewed interest in juicing.

Number 1:  The Fitnessista had this fabulous blog post on juicing.  My only suggestion is to take the rind off all citrus fruit…it makes things taste a whole lot better.

Number 2: Jack LaLanne died.  RIP. 

Number 3:  This book….

(You knew CrazySexyDiet was going to make reappearance on my blog.  It’s such a good read.  I wish I had written it.  Without the whole cancer-part, of course. )

This was what I juiced this morning:


cucumber, beet, lemon, apple, celery & ginger

Yay for beets!  Btw, beet juice is da’ bomb (yes, I like to pretend it’s still the 90’s and use outdated slang) for purifying you blood, decreasing blood pressure & detoxifying your body.  But for some reason I’ve been really scared to juice the beet greens.  Which is odd because I threw a leek in the juicer the other morning…note to self:  leeks taste like onions & are not a good option first thing in the morning (yuck). 

Other tips:

  • Don’t juice leeks or other oniony-things
  • Give all fruits and vegetables a good scrub before juicing
  • Organic is best (if you don’t have access to organic fruits/vegetables, first of all I feel sad for you, second of all I would peel the skins off.)
  • Roll leafy greens, like spinach, before putting it in the juicer & follow up with a “harder” fruit like an apple to help push things through
  • Wait until the juicer has come to a complete stop before trying to dislodge an apple whose size you miss-judged. 

So today, the beet and the beet greens all go into the juicer.


Bye-bye beet


The verdict: Its’ like drinking nature

Bottoms up!

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2 Responses to I’ll juice ya up

  1. erin m. says:

    I think Kris Carr is storming the fitness/health/nutrition book. I’ve read so many and she has a way unlike any other author that makes the switch seem more easy and manageable, especially in contrast to the situation that led her to change her lifestyle. In the midst of my “21-day challenge”! Would really recommend the Breville – easy to clean and very quiet! http://www.wellinla.com/well-blogs/

    • I totally agree…this book may be life-changing. I have a few more
      chapters to read before I finish, but am looking forward to the 21 day
      challenge. I just checked out your blog & love what you are saying about
      the challenge. Good to know about the Breville juicer, I’ll have to check
      it out. Oh, and congrats on the new job! Sounds like a dream come true!

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