Signs of Spring

What a perfectly beautiful weekend!  I wish I could have enjoyed the weather a bit more, but there were other things on my to-do list that took priority despite the sunshine:  CPT studying.  However, that did not deter me from getting creative with an industrial-sized extension cord to create an outside-office.

That's one BIG extension cord!

It worked surprisingly well.  I completed some serious studying, while at the same time enjoying the weather. 

study, study, study and more study=my weekend

In addition to the sunshine, there were other signs of Spring this weekend:  Flip-flops, complete with exceedingly pale feet and legs.

Soaking up some Vitamin D

Hi bike, I've missed you

And, the bikes emerging from storage and taking up space in my living room.  I’m actually contemplating selling my mountain bike and making the switch to a road bike.  The last time I went mountain biking the fear-factor far outweighed my fun-factor. (boo.)   And, there’s a beautiful road bike at a local bike shop I often visit.  Beautiful!  I like ogle it, and touch its handle bars and marvel at its sleekness.  *lust* 

I’d love to have more than one bike (mountain bike & road bike), but our townhouse doesn’t have a whole lot of storage space.  However, I have been thinking about adding this to my living room decorations.  I think it would be a nice a focal point in the corner of the room. 

What about you?  Did you do anything to celebrate the first day of Spring?

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2 Responses to Signs of Spring

  1. Jonathan harris says:

    Definitely get a road bike, they’re awesome. I have a road and mountain bike, (along with a Tri bike) mountain bike hardly ever get ridden unless it’s with the kids. One of these days, I’ll do that Xterra race.

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