WSSC 2011

Hello friends…new and old! How are you on this hot Thursday? After nearly 4 days I have finally shaken off the fatigue and exhaustion of last week. Guess what I’m left with? Inspiration! That’s right, leave it to a long weekend at WSSC to simultaneously kick your butt and fill you with inspiration as well as a huge sense of community and love.

WSSC 2011 was amazing. There is no way to adequately put into words what this weekend does to you. Descriptions like: motivation, energy, encouragement, inspiration, joy, and friendship are just the tip of the iceberg. WSSC goes much deeper. Those who attended, you know what I’m talking about.

Instead of blubbering all over this blog with a wholly inadequate portrayal of WSSC, I will give you my recap in photos. Enjoy…


Hotel InterContinental–Miami, Florida

Pre-Conference Zumba Instructor Training


FORCE: The Ride with Josh Taylor


Ready to Ride!

Brand new NXTs

The Yin/Yang of Music

Conquer the Elements

So many dirty (sweaty) workout clothes!


From the social board. I agree too!

Let the countdown to WSSC 2012 begin!

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