Spinning #103 Loop de Loop

Today’s ride was awesome!  Wasn’t it?  We rode one of my favorite profiles of all:  the Loop de Loop.  I love the versatility of this ride.   You can make it as intense (or not) as you want it to be.  However, based on all the puddles of sweat on the floor this morning…most of us decided to work on the higher end of the intensity. 

Here’s the profile:  4 loops of work each consisting of short seated, then standing climb, a simulated downhill and kick-your-butt stair steps.  There’s a flat road between each loop with a choice:  recover at 65% MHR or keep working allowing your heart rate to hover around 75%. 

15 songs, 59.9 minutes, iTunes link

Warm up:

Faster Kill Pussycat (Club Mix)—Oakenfold feat. Brittany Murphy (5:53)  Seated Flat

Approach road to first loop: 

Get Free—The Vines (2:07)  More intensity on the flat raising heart rate higher. 

Loop 1: 

Non Dairy Creamer—Third Eye Blind (4:26)  Seated climb, turns into a standing climb, turns into a downhill standing flat.

Danger! High Voltage—Electric Six (3:35)  “The stair steps”:  30 seconds seated climb alternating with 30 seconds running with resistance.

Kill Your Heroes—AWOLNATION (2:59)  Flat road.  Rider’s choice of where to take their recovery. 

Loop 2: 

Famous Last Words—My Chemical Romance (4:59)    Seated climb, turns into a standing climb, turns into a downhill standing flat.

Sexy and I Know It—LMFAO (3:19)  Stair Steps  (these lyrics crack me up, you know I was dying to sing out loud to this today!)

Move Like Jagger—Maroon 5 (3:21)  Flat road, recover if you need it. 

Loop 3: 

Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall—Coldplay (4:03)  Seated climb, turns into a standing climb, turns into a downhill standing flat.

No One Knows—Queens of the Stone Age (4:39)  Stair Steps

Iko Iko—The Belle Stars (2:54)  Final flat road before cool down.

Loop 4: 

Pompeii—E.S. Posthumus (3:40)  Seated climb transitioning to standing climb. 

Never Gonna Leave Me—Sia (3:32)  Standing flat with accelerations on the chorus.

Sliver and Cold—AFI (4:11)  Final set of stair steps

Cool down & stretch: 

Be Here Now—Ray LaMontagne (6:23) 

So much fun, right!?!? 


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4 Responses to Spinning #103 Loop de Loop

  1. Amandaleighbucci says:

    Hi Darcy! 

    Love the blog… Also just started a blog myself for spin music… Was wondering if we could exchange blog rolls?! I would love that. :)  http://spinmuse.wordpress.com


  2. Tzag45665 says:

    Love the music choices.  So eclectic.  Thanks for sharing.

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