Spinning #104: Hot Hot Hot

I’m going to start this off by telling you right up front:  this is not my playlist.  I wish it was, but all the credit goes to the fabulous Erin of www.wellinla.com  Do yourself a favor and check out her website right now.  Isn’t she amazing?  I told you so!  Anyway…

There I was sitting with my laptop on Friday night looking at different profiles, listening to a handful of songs, even watching some TiVo’d MTV/VH1 shows trying to find something that would cause my ears to perk up.  But I just wasn’t feeling inspired.  It is possible?  Have I finally run out of inspiration?  I hope not. 

Either way, Erin was there to save me and my Friday night (this time…)

I used Erin’s profile as inspiration, but didn’t duplicate it exactly.  Our ride was initially intended to be an Endurance or Strength profile.   But as an instructor you have to be ready to improvise. 

When I walked into the Spinning room Saturday morning I was hit in the face with a heat wave.  Ugh.  The A/C wasn’t working properly and it was H.O.T.  in there….plus with a sold-out class I knew it was just going to get hotter.  Instead of the profile I intended to use, I turned it into and Interval Energy Zone Ride using our flat roads as recoveries.  I knew we would need them!

Overall everyone was a good sport about the whole thing.  We tried to move past the heat and enjoy the ride.  I actually thought it felt good to sweat like that…totally detoxed…even when I sweat my contact out of my eye (they are disposable and needed to be changed anyway), I still felt good. 

Here is Spinning #104 :: 14 songs, 1 hour :: iTunes link

O.N.E.—Yeasayer (5:25)  Warm up

Dominos—The Big Pink (3:46)  Gentle seated climb

Sex On Fire (DJ Milton’s Bootleg Mix)—DJ Dizzy (4:25)  Start in a seated flat, finish with raising the intensity level by finding a standing flat

All These Things That I’ve Done—The Killers (5:02)  Seated climb, standing climb x1 minute in the middle of the song, back to a seated climb

Stereo Love (Molella Remix)—Edward Maya (5:03)  Seated flat

Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby? (Rae and Christian Remix)—Dinah Washington (4:59)  30 second rolling hills

Black & Gold (Marcussen Album Version)—Sam Sparro (4:34)  Seated climb, standing climb x1 minute in the middle of the song, back to a seated climb

All of the Lights [clean]—Kanye West (5:00)  Seated flat

Dog Days Are Over (Yeasayer Remix)—Florence + The Machine (4:16)  1 minute rolling hills

Crystalised—The XX (3:22)  Seated climb

Howlin’for You—The Black Keys (3:12)  Standing climb

Welcome To The Jungle (Jells Mayhem’s Serpentine Edit)—Guns N’Roses (4:30)  Flat seated flat.  Not a sprint, but faster than our “default” flat road pace. 

Gypsy—Shakria (3:19)  Cool down

Gold—Interference (4:00)  Stretches off the bike

So hot!  And I’m not just talking about the temperature.  Thank you to everyone who endured and tolerated the heat and let’s cross our fingers that the AC is working tomorrow night!

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