Spinning #108: Spin Like a Hurricane

If you are reading this, it means you’ve survived Hurricane Irene.  Yay!  Considering I’m typing and posting this, it means I’ve survived too (and I have electricity).  Double Yay! 

We were totally prepared for the worst though.  Here’s the scene in our Jeep’s backseat that greeted me Friday afternoon when PJK picked me up from work:

He was so excited when I jumped in the car and immediately said “look in the back seat!”  No, it wasn’t flowers, or jewelry, or a  even a new bike…it was gallons and gallons of water!  After getting over my initial disappointment I realized this meant I was going to avoid the pre-apocalyptic mad dash to Cost-Co.  Oh yeah, now that’s what I call a gift!

With all of our preparations in place, and numerous text messages to my mother to reassure her that yes, we were totally prepared, I was ready to complete my final pre-hurricane task:  teach 10am Saturday Spinning.  I was impressed that everyone showed up ready to ride hard.  As I said to class, it would have been so easy to get caught up in the media sensationalism and use the impending storm as an excuse to skip the gym.   But I they didn’t…and this was our ride:

Spinning #108 :: 14 songs, 1 hour ::  iTunes link

The Profile:  Strength Energy Zone, steadily increasing heart rates with each subsequent song.

Kick The Bass—Julien-K (7:52)  Warm Up

Mr. Saxobeat (Radio Edit)—Alexandra Stan (3:15)  Standing Flat

Eyes—The Naked and Famous (4:43)   Seated Flat, Standing Flat, Standing Climb changing positions every 30 seconds, increasing resistance every 90

By the Way—Red Hot Chili Peppers (3:37)  Standing Flat with Seated Flat speed surges on the chorus

Power [clean]—Kanye West (4:52)  Jumps on a Hill

Warrant—Foster the People (5:22)  Seated Climb, transitioning to Standing

Guilty Filthy Soul—AWOLNATION (3:33)  Seated Flat Recovery

Africa (Claudio Tignanello Club Mix)—The Glitterboys (5:32)  Seated Flat.  Use cadence and resistance to increase heart rate back up to working levels

Wherever You Will Go (Handz Up Edition) (5:45)  Standing Flat with speed surges in the saddle on the chorus.  This song came from one my “workout” CD’s…I don’t think it’s on iTunes. 

This City (Radio Edit) [feat. Lupe Fiasco]—Patrick Stump (3:33) Jumps on a Hill

Rock You Like a Hurricane—Jimmy Rep (4:21)  Final Climb

I Will Follow You Into the Dark—Death cab for Cutie (3:09)  Cool Down

Who Says—John Mayer (3:00)  Cool down and start to stretch

My Own Two Hands—Ben Harper & Jack Johnson (3:00)  Final stretches

That’s all folks!  Enjoy your Sunday afternoon & thanks for coming back to my blog even after a quiet month of no posts. 


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2 Responses to Spinning #108: Spin Like a Hurricane

  1. Jeff Cox says:

    My Class loved this profile last night, had a pretty experience crowd so I really pushed them, in fact I got some “looks that would kill” which brought a big smile to my face.  I changed the Recovery song into a continuation of a 110 rpm fast flat, which took it to a 10 minute fast flat.  Have to change a couple of songs for language, thanks for the great spins you have been sharing!

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