Spinning #113 Intervals (one, two, punch)

Hello there!  Believe it or not, I actually have another  new Spinning profile for you…however, it was once again inspired by Julz Arney and her fantastic music suggestions.  This time, I took  3 of her profiles, mixed and matched to create my profile complete  with a handful of the music coming from http://www.steady130.com.  

Are you familiar with this website?  I’d head other instructors mention it, but for some reason never checked it out on my own…until now.   Hallelujah!   I didn’t know what I was missing.  This website offers a ton of different remixes and mash-ups all falling between120-140 beats-per-minute which = a nearly perfect beat to work out to.  And, the best part…the music is free!  I know!  I could hardly believe  it myself.  Do yourself a favor and check it out.   

I’m a week behind on posting playlists, we rode this little number on 10.22.11…

Spinning #113:   14 songs, 1 hour:  Interval Energy Zone


Don’t Bring Me Down (DJ Nitro Club Remix) –Boogie Hill Faders Vs. ELO (5:55)   EASY to MODERATE flat road

Ring the Alarm (Freemasons Club Mix Radio Edit)—Beyonce (3:27)   MODERATE combo of seated flat, standing flat, standing climb (change every 30 seconds)

The Middle—Jimmy Eat World (2:46)  MODERATE seated flat, increase resistance to HARD standing flat/running with resistance on the chorus


Animal (8barz Remix)—Neon Trees (3:30)  EASY flat road

Take Off Your Shirt—Bibio (4:04)  MODERATE to HARD PROGRESSIVE seated climb

Thinking ‘Bout Somthin’—Hanson (3:45)  MODERATE jumps at 1:25-1:55 and 2:30-3:10

COME ON featuring Wendy Faraone—Brightlive (3:23)  HARD standing climb with resistance increases on the chorus


We Will Become Silhouettes—The Postal Service (5:01)  EASY to MODERATE flat road 75% MHR

All My Life—Foo Fighter (4:24)    :30 HARD seated @ 1:12, :30 HARD @ 2:00, stand and pass riders at 3:00,  push to Anaerobic last :45

Hung Up—Madonna (5:38)    85% MHR standing climb sitting down Q 15 secs

Watch Yourself—Kyven (3:45)  75% MHR seated flat 

The Catalyst (DJ’s From Mars Mix)—Linkin Park vs. Carmina Burana (7:45)  ROLLING HILLS HARD to HARD.  In the saddle x 1 minute, out of the saddle x 1 minute (find the same intensity in and out of saddle)


You and Me—Dave Matthews band (5:40)

Take Your Time—Cary Brothers (4:01) 

Thank you for all the recent comments and helpful tips on my last post!  Keep them coming….

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  1. Ann says:

    So glad you added a new profile. I always look forward to seeing your new additions! I, too, love the steady130 site!

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