Spinning #115: This one’s for you…

Two things to know about this ride:  1. it was created during a state of severe sleep deprivation, and 2. it is dedicated to my husband, PJK. 

Let’s talk about sleep first.  If you know me at all you know I need, at a minimum, two things to maintain my sanity:  frequent meals and sleep.  I am not one of those people who can function on a few hours of sleep.  I get cranky, irritable and downright homicidal.  So if I’m acting like a biotch first offer me a snack, then a blanket/pillow and somewhere quiet to take a nap and we’ll all get along just fine!

Before I get ahead of myself, let me back up…my husband had knee surgery this past Thursday.  The first 24 hours post surgery was brutal!  As one of my Spinning regulars put it…it was like taking care of your drunken friend:  poor coordination, can’t walk straight, incoherent speech, needs help getting dressed, etc.  Add to that a pair of crutches and a huge exoskeleton on your friend’s right leg that you couldn’t touch/bump/jostle in any way and you get an idea of what I was dealing with. 

Honestly, this was not a huge deal.  He had pain medication and I have a degree in nursing.  However, the giant wrench thrown into this situation had to do with the cooling machine that accompanied us home from the hospital.   

I know it looks like a convenient cooler to store beverages, and it is filled with ice water, but that’s all.  It’s attached to a cuff that under his bandages to circulate cold water to minimize inflammation around the surgical site.  Awesome, right?!  I thought so too, until I got his discharge instructions:  every hour it needs to be unplugged for 10 minutes so the skin doesn’t get too cold. 

Wait, what?!?!  Every hour?  Who’s going to wake up every single hour to unplug the machine? 

Who do you think?  My anesthetized husband who just had surgery or his healthy nurse/wife? 

Did you pick me?  You were right.  Do you know what it’s like to sleep in 50 minute increments, because I do…and it sucks!  (See my note above regarding my sleep requirements.)  As was expected, by the time late Friday afternoon rolled around I was nearly delirious.  Why couldn’t I just recycle an old ride for Saturday’s class?  Why did I feel a need to create a new one?  Because all of my rational thinking disappeared much, much earlier in the day! 

I believe my lack of coherent thoughts actually contributed to the development of this ride.  I could barely think, let alone second guess the music or the ride.  I developed it intuitively.  No deep thoughts, no judgments, just music I liked that seem too make sense with what I wanted to do on the bike.  Perhaps my creativity block is finally over because the ride turned out great!

That’s the back story on how this ride was born…now to the dedication.  My husband’s transition from a fairly active man to someone who now needs help standing up has left an impact on me:  don’t take your fitness for granted!  And so this ride is dedicated to him and all the other people out there who WISH they could ride a bike, but physically cannot.  I asked my Saturday riders to shift their approach and ride because they can, not because they have to or need to burn a certain number of calories.  The ride became a celebration and appreciation of their own fitness.  It was beautiful!

 Spinning #115 :: 14 songs, 1 hour :: Interval Energy Zone :: Dedicated to PJK

Where the Streets Have No Name (Live from Rotterdam)—U2 (6:33)  Seated flat warm up.

C’mon (Catch ‘Em By Surprise)[Tiesto vs. Diplo]{feat. Busta Rhymes}—Tiesto & Diplo (3:33)  Standing flat with standing climbs when the music slows. 

Stayin’ Hot (Nelly vs. Bee Gees)—DJ Lobsterdust (4:16)  Progressive seated climb slightly increasing resistance every 30 seconds.

Watusi Warrior Drums—Van Kampen (4:23)  30 second seated flat alternating with 30 seconds of jumps.

This Is Your Life—The Killers (3:39)  Seated flat recovery.

So Much Love to Give—Freeloaders featuring The Real Thing (6:31)   Climb, adding resistance a total of 10 times throughout the song to make it to the top.  Rider’s choice to sit or stand. 

List of Demands—Saul Williams (3:21)  30 second seated flat alternating with 30 seconds of jumps.

M79—Vampire Weekend (4:16)  Seated flat recovery.

Hope Is Fading—The Well Wishers (4:18)  Change positions every 30 seconds:  seated, standing, standing climb. 

Zombie—The Cranberries (5:06)  Standing climb with small surges in speed during the chorus

Fight for Your Right—Boogie Bros (5:34)  Stair steps

Breakneck —AudioFuel Running Music (1:06)  Fast flat to the finish. 

Orange Sky—Alexi Murdoch (6:11)  Cool down

Swing Life Away—Rise Against (2:26)  Stretch off the bike

(P.S. My husband is doing great & is on the mend, oh, and I bought an automatic timer to help out with the cooler situation and have started sleeping again.)

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2 Responses to Spinning #115: This one’s for you…

  1. Lslevin says:

    Please tell me what stair steps are? 

    fellow spin instructor,

    • Hey Lisa! Stair Steps is a phrase that was coined by Spinning Master Instructor, Jennifer Sage. Stair steps are alternating 30 second seated climbs with 30 second running with resistance. When done correctly, they are hard work!

      Let me know if you have other questions,


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