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Spinning #117: I like How It Feels

Merry Christmas!  (almost.)  I know it’s been quiet around here the past few months, and this may be my final post of 2011…so enjoy it!  But don’t worry, I’ll be back in 2012 with new ideas, more energy & of course rockin’ playlists. 

Spinning #117 :: Interval Energy Zone :: 60 minutes :: 13 songs


I Like How It Feels (feat. Pitbull & The WAV.s)—Enrique Iglesias (3:40)  Seated Flat warm up

Fading Like A Flower (Club Radio Mix)—Dan Winter (5:20)  Increase your heart rate progressively by adding a resistance and moving through seated flats, standing flats, gentle standing climbs about every 30 seconds (it matches the music changes)


Immigrant Song (Mr Peaches Remix)—Led Zeppelin (5:04)  1 minute seated flat alternating with 1 minute standing flats

Good Feeling—Flo Rida (4:07)  Seated Climb

Don’t Say Oh Well—Grouplove (2:38)  Jumps on a hill


All I Ask of You (The S Remix)—Skrillex (5:14)  1 minute seated flat alternating with 1 minute standing flats

In Da Funk (Bollocks and Dylan Sanders Mix)—50 Cent vs Daft Punk (6:11)  2 minute seated climb, 2 minute standing climb, 2 minute jumps on a hill


Peaceful World—John Mellencamp (4:04)  seated flat recovery


Loser Like Me (CPR Extended Remix)—Glam & The Riff Raff (5:52)  1 minute seated flat alternating with 1 minute standing flats

It’s Bad You Know—R.L. Burnside (4:58)  Climb, progressively adding resistance every 1 minute.  Riders choice to sit or stand.


Grenade (Damn-R Remix)—Jon Kelly (5:05)  Fast working flat to the finish.


Christmas Lights—Coldplay (4:02)

Hallelujah—Jeff Buckley (6:52)

Did you need a PJK update?  Of course you do…after many hours of physical therapy he is able to bend his knee all the way to 54 degrees!  Who-hoo!   He is still in the leg brace, still on crutches, but getting more comfortable using his cane.  Think less Snoop Dog pimp-cane, not quite Bob Fosse, more like the one your ancient Aunt Grace uses to shuffle around her nursing home.  Yeah, that’s about right.          

Have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year if I don’t make it back here before!

Spinning #116: I Will Always Love You

Whoa!  I don’t know if you’ve noticed…but it’s already December.  December!  I swear we just celebrated Halloween.  It’s okay, though.  I’m embracing and welcoming the month.  December’s mantra:  “I do have time.”  Speaking of time, my apologizes for not getting any new posts up, but I have been a busy bee taking care of myRead More >

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