Spinning #116: I Will Always Love You

Whoa!  I don’t know if you’ve noticed…but it’s already December.  December!  I swear we just celebrated Halloween.  It’s okay, though.  I’m embracing and welcoming the month.  December’s mantra:  “I do have time.” 

Speaking of time, my apologizes for not getting any new posts up, but I have been a busy bee taking care of my husband (you understand, right?).  Here is the official PJK Recovery Update:  my husband is doing great, thank you so much for asking!  He is, for the most part, finally self sufficient and I no longer harbor fears of coming home and finding him crumpled at the bottom of the stairs.  Though still on crutches, he is moving around really well.  The next milestone is to start physical therapy, hopefully next week! 

On to the Spinning:  Spinning #116 I Will Always Love You::  Interval Energy Zone :: 111 songs, 1 hour

This is a standard interval ride with some rolling hills, moderate climbs, flat roads, and a steep climb.  There was great energy in the Spinning room on Saturday, which made this ride really work well!

American Boy (Davidson Ospina Remix)—Indy Q (6:03)  Warm Up

43 club cut—Unity303 (6:08)  Rolling hills:  1 minute seated flat, 30 seconds standing flat  (this song is not on iTunes & I can’t remember where I found it, but it kicks major butt!!!  It’s a remix of Linkin Park’s The Catalyst…sooooo good!)

21 Guns (feat. Green Day and the Cast of American Idiot)—Green Day (4:41)  Seated Climb

Enjoy the Silence—Anberlin (3:32)  Standing Climb

Riding the Waves—Afro Celt Sound System (6:35)  2 minute recovery, then pick up the pace and add a working seated flat resistance concentrating on maintaining cadence

The Boxer—Carbon Leaf (3:26)  1 minute Standing Climb, 1 minute Seated Climb, 1 minute Standing Climb

California—Lenny Kravitz (2:37)  Seated Flat recovery

Medicate—AFI (4:21)  Standing Flats alternating with Jumps

I Will Always Love You (Hex Hector Club Mix)—Whitney Houston (9:54)  2 minute Seated Climb alternating with 2 minute Standing Climbs**

Innocence—The Airborne Toxic Event (6:48)  Seated Flat until the tempo of the song picks up, then 30 second Standing Flats alternating with 1 minute fast Seated Flat

Bali Chill Groove—Island of Chill (7:13)  Cool down  and stretch

**Who doesn’t love Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You?  For me, this is one of those songs that instantly transports me back in time every single time I hear it…It was 1992, and I had just broken up with my first “real” high school boyfriend.  His name was Brad.  He was on the football team.  And, as you can imagine, I was devastated.  Teenage angst + a broken heart = total misery.   Come on, you know what I’m talking about, everyone remembers their first love.  But Whitney helped me through! 

Anyway, there is a quiet section in the Hex Hector Club Mix where I was sharing this story with my Spinning class.  Everyone got a good chuckle and was successfully was distracted from the heavy climb.  It wasn’t until after class when one of the members shared with me that he didn’t quite catch the beginning of my story and instead of hearing broke up with my first boyfriend, he heard woke up with my first boyfriend.   Bahahahah!  In his words:  I really started to pedal faster, I wanted to see where this story was headed! 

Too funny!  That kept me smiling all day.  Sorry friends, that’s a much different story!   

Have a wonderful day & remember our mantra:  I do have time!

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  1. Janet says:

    OMG– took forever to get this song for download.  Jeff’s link did not work for me.  Great track!!!!

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