Spinning #123: Steam & Sequins

Hello there!  I think it’s about time to share a new playlist/profile. 

Actually, this profile is one I’ve used more times than I want to admit.  But each time I use it I switch up the music and it takes on a completely different feel.   Instructors, do you do this?  Ride the same profile again and again with different music?  I often wonder if anyone notices…   

Spinning #123::  Interval Energy Zone:: 15 songs, 1 hour

Don’t Stop Believing (Ken at Work Remix)—Journey (5:23)  Elevate heart rate by changing positions every 30 seconds rotating between seated flat, standing flat, and standing climb. 

Ultimate Funk (Tocadisco Oldschool Acid Mix Clean Version)—Bob Sinclar (5:42)  1 minute of jumps on a flat alternating with 30 seconds of seated flat road.

Love On Top Smash Mode Redio Edit—SFTS (3:33)  Standing Flat/Running with  resistance. The goal is to get sweaty (if you aren’t already) and increase the heart rate to a slightly breathless feeling. 

Ghetto Love (feat. Kardinal Offishall) [Main Version]—Karl Wolf (3:05)  Seated flat recovery.

Welcome to Your Wedding Day—The Airborne Toxic Event (3:42)  Starting at the seated flat recovery, begin to progressively add resistance until you find the edge of a hill/seated climb.

G.R.I.N.D. (Get Ready It’s a New Day)—Asher Roth (3:39)  Standing climb.

Spitting Fire—The Boxer Rebellion (2:52)   Seated Flat recovery.

Ghosts N Stuff—Deadmau5 (6:11)  Holding a steady cadence, alternate 30 seconds seated flat, 30 seconds standing flat.

Ballroom Blitz—Sweet (4:40)  Sprints on a flat during chorus. 

Here (In Your Arms)—Hellogoodbye (4:03)  Seated flat recovery (you should need it!)

Tomorrow Never Comes—VNV Nation (5:09)  First half of the song is a seated climb, add resistance to increase the incline and finish the climb out of the saddle.

Planetary (GO!)—My Chemical Romance (4:07)  Seated Flat surges with the music. 

Best Thing I Never Had—Beyonce (4:38)  Seated flat cool down.

Slow Dancing In a Burning Room—John Mayer (4:02)  Final Stretches.

For those of you who have asked, yes, more Rome pictures are coming…

I love Venice!


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