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Did you know Jen Lancaster was in DC last weekend?  Yes, THE Jen Lancaster:  I love this author, her blog, her books and I just know we would be besties if I still lived in Chicago.  When I heard she was coming to DC for a reading/book signing for her new book Jeneration X, I had to be there.

 I immediately blocked out the evening in my Google calendar (no I don’t have any personal training appointments available on Friday evening, I’ve got to get myself downtown to see Jen!) It was all I talked about last week….to anyone who would listen…most people wouldn’t. 

I tried not to get my hopes up.  Maybe she would be different in real life.  Maybe she would be mean.  Maybe she wouldn’t even be funny.  What if she (gasp) didn’t want to be my new best friend? 

In the first 5 seconds of her arrival at Barnes & Noble all of my fears were laid to rest.  Jen Lancaster is hilarious! I laughed and laughed during both her Q&A and reading.  Her Ambien-inspired demonstrations put me in the “pee your pants” danger zone (So. Freaking. Funny.)  I am pleased to report that she is exactly the same in person in real life as she is in her memoires. 

After her reading came the real piece de resistance:  photo op + personalized book signing.   The entire time I was standing in line I was mentally rehearsing what I would say to her.  How I would instantly win her friendship with my wit and charm and quiet admiration for her authenticity.  And then I got to the signing table and was face to face with one of my all-time favorite authors.   

I’m going to break this picture down for you, though the big goofy grin on my face does a nice job of revealing my exact state of mind.  You see that light sheen of sweat on my forehead?  That would be a combination of how damn hot it was on the second floor of B&N and how nervous I was.  Let’s also discuss how inappropriately close I am to Jen.  If I was any closer I would have ended up in her lap!  Seriously, I should have been back-handed like that poor Ukrainian reporter who kissed Will Smith last week.   

What the photo does not adequately demonstrate is the degree to which I was completely star-struck.   My clever speech I was rehearsing turned to mush.  I couldn’t think, let alone speak intelligently.  At least I got my book signed.  A quick thank you to the B&N employee who wrote my name down on a sticky note for me, I’m not sure I would have remembered who I was. 

And there may have been a discussion about my fingernail polish color.  Jen if you are reading this it’s Pretty Edgy by Essie, not “um, green or you know something super creative” as I erroneously uttered to you on Friday. 

My nails don't look nearly as nice. These are from

I may have also squeezed out a sentence that sounded a little like: I love you and your books so much!  But I can’t be 100% sure. 

Then it was over and my friend Holly was escorting me out of the bookstore as I was still mumbling nonsensical statements such as:  Awesome.  So real.  Funny.   

So there you have it, my official review of an evening with Jen Lancaster: 


Real! (what I believe I was trying to convey is “authentic”).

and Funny!

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