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Hello there!  It’s been a while (I know)  I wish had an good excuse for my silence, something like “I couldn’t blog, I was hiking the Appalachian trail”…which sounds a lot better than:  I’ve simply been busy.  Nothing bad has happened, just your standard to-do lists that include items like cooking, cleaning, laundry, clients, classes, and workouts.  You know, life. 

Though I haven’t been blogging I have been working behind the scenes!  Remember several months ago when I wrote about my website changes?  Well, all of that hard work is starting to show!

I have a new professional Facebook page: Like my page to receive updates on all things health and wellness related. (thank you)

And, did you see the new banner up there?  I just couldn’t wait to share a sneak preview and let you in on my mission of helping others create a healthy life with Health Coaching and Personal Training. The energy, the motivation and joy of connecting with people is a powerful thing!     

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4 Responses to Sneak Preview

  1. James Warrington says:

    I love the banner:)

  2. Chris@chrispins says:

    Love the new look Darcy! :)

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