Spinning #130: Live Like a Warrior

Immediately upon returning from WSSC last month I created 3 brand new playlists.  And I fell in love with all of them!  By the way, if you show up for one of my classes and I make one or all of the following statements, know you are in for a ride you will not soon forget:

I *love* today’s music!

I’m feeling extra energetic today!

Do you love my new jersey?  (new clothes automatically give me a little extra oomph!)

I know I’m posting out of order, I think the last playlist I put up was #123, but this one, seriously, is one of my favorites.  I even had one former client tell me that it was during this ride last Saturday that she was able to rediscover her passion for Spinningâ .  It was on our 4 minute hill that she realized she could do just a little more than what she thought she could do. 

When she shared that with me, it literally gave me goosebumps!  That is the same power I felt so many years ago when I realized how important it was to include fitness in my life.  Thank you for the reminder!

Now I’ve built this playlist up to be the greatest thing ever, right?  I’ll let you decide for yourself.  If you are teaching it, encourage your riders to find the relationship between themselves and their bike, their body, the rhythm of the music; and to be okay with a little discomfort.  If you are riding it, always, always know that you are capable of doing just a little more than you ever thought was possible.  Harness that power & GO!

Spinning #130::12 songs::1 hour

Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont’s Thin White Duke Mix)—The Killers (8:48)  Seated flat warm Up to prepare your mind.  Begin to build the road, find some standing flats.

Live Like a Warrior—Matisyahu (3:54)  Seated Climb, adding resistance for Standing Climb on the chorus.  Allow your body to adjust to new resistance.

Sand on the floor (skiddle mashup)—Jennifer Lopes vs. Da Rude (6:02)  Standing flat with slight resistance loading to sit and accelerate

U2-Magnificent (Adam White Remix) (5:49)  Tempo work alternating between seated flat, jumps, seated climb and standing climb.  Lock into the beat and use the music to move your feet. 

Be Cool 2011 (DJ From Mars Club Remix)—Pattendorf (5:42)  Standing Flat alternating with jumps on a flat during the chorus. 

Free—Graffiti6 (4:58)  Seated flat recovery.  Once heart rate has recovered, begin progressively adding resistance to find a working flat road.  (this is the valley and approach road to our upcoming climb)

BURN IT DOWN—Linkin Park (3:50)  Standing climb.  The entire song!  Reach for high intensity/get anaerobic. 

Amazing—One eskimO (4:41)  Seated flat recovery.  Come back down the hill to regroup, refocus, and remember goals.  When ready find a working flat road. 

In the Air (Axwell Remix)—TV Rock (7:05)  Sandwich time!  A sandwich = seated climb, then running with resistance, back to seated climb.  :o)  Learned that at WSSC!

Home—Phillip Phillips (3:29)  Standing climb rounds out our last working song.  One more time, reach for high intensity. 

Farmhouse—Phish (4:02)  Cool Down

Find des jours (Original Mix)-Chicane (2:53)  Stretch

Soooo, are you in love with the ride as much as me?!?

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6 Responses to Spinning #130: Live Like a Warrior

  1. Dana DeBardelaben says:

    Yes!  Love it…gonna use it tonight! 😀  Thanks.

  2. Dana DeBardelaben says:

    YES!  Love it…gonna use it tonight! 😀

  3. StephanyJames says:

    Cannot wait to use this for my Monday night class! Thanks soooo much..

  4. Darcy,

    Took your playlist and will use it tonite !. On the cd player the whole lesson sounds awsome !. Can´t wait for tonite !

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