Change the Way You Eat

I knew my eating was off track…way off track…at a friend’s house the evening of July 4th.  PJK and I were in charge of bringing dessert to the4th of July BBQ.  What is more American and appropriate for an afternoon BBQ?  Smores, of course!

I love smores.  Actually, love doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings.  The toasty warm marshmallow, softening up the chocolate square tucked between two crunchy graham crackers.  Ahhhhhh….

Okay, okay, are you still with me?  Smores.  Yes.  4th of July BBQ.  We each had a respectable 2 smores after dinner.  They were a delicious way to end the evening and met my every expectation.  And unfortunately, left me wanting more.  As we were leaving, our gracious hosts starting packing up the leftovers (including the extra graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows) to send home with us.  When all of a sudden I hear PJK say:  Nah, its okay.  You guys keep the extra stuff.

Wait. What?

I was already planning on a midnight snack:  one, maybe even two more smores!  I might even eat a marshmallow as we were driving home and now PJK was ruining ALL of my sugary sweet plans!  Noooooo!  But he’d already said it & I realized I was going to have to politely agree him.

And right then was when I realized perhaps I had been indulging in too many sweets and desserts.  Had they had become a daily occurrence rather than a special treat?  Smores today, a few cookies yesterday, a handful of gummies the day before….  Not good.  Not good at all.

I resisted my urge to sneak a few marshmallows into my pocket and instead started to formulate a plan.  I needed a break from and to break away from sugar.  I remembered my friend Erin (of had mentioned that her friend Angela (of had used a cleansing plan from PALETA to get her healthy eating habits back on track.  That was it!  I was going to do a cleanse.  A cleanse that used real food, no thank you Stanley Burroughs…you can keep your lemon/cayenne-pepper concoction to yourself.

PALETA is a Farm-to-Table Meal delivery with meal programs, juices, and cleanses that they deliver all over the country.  Since I have the luxury of flexibility in my schedule, and can find the time to cook my meals (rather than have them prepared for me) I decided to go with the PALETA 5-Day Cleanse Kit.

It felt like Christmas, or my birthday when the kit arrived.  Within my fancy ribbon-tied box was the PALETA Purify Shake Powder, Flavor Packs, Instructions, Recipes, Shopping List, a Tote Bag & a Shaker Bottle.  I was ready to go!

Technically you are supposed to “prepare” for the cleanse by cutting down on caffeine, alcohol, sugar, meat, dairy, wheat and soy.   But I wanted to start now.  So I did.

Each day started with a PALETA Purify Shake.  Some days I added fresh fruit to the shake, some days I added nut butter, and some days I just needed a little cocoa or cinnamon.

It was a perfect (i.e. quick, easy, minimal preparation) breakfast.  Especially on those days when the alarm buzzes at 5:00am.  I had the Purify Shake for a morning snack, afternoon snack, and after dinner snack as well.  It’s a good thing it was tasty!

Lunch and dinner was always “real” food.  Using the PALETA recipes I made meals like…

Herb Roasted Seasonal Vegetables & Mushrooms with Brown Rice

Roasted Curried Root Vegetables & Apple Soup

Spicy Vegetarian Three Bean Chili & Brown Rice

They were delicious and simple to prepare.  It also made me realize what a salad-rut I had gotten myself into prior doing the cleanse.  It was a nice reminder that there are other ways to eat vegetables, beyond salads.

Sample Menu

5 days eating like this was no problem.  I didn’t feel deprived or irritable (though PJK may argue with that last point.)  I felt like I had taken back control of my food.

So….what were my results?!?! 

I loved this cleanse!  I had energy, I felt like my blood sugar was finally off of its rollercoaster ride, my sugar cravings were totally gone, my mood had improved and overall, I just felt great!  It was also a nice reminder of what a proper portion size looks like.

When you wanted to know my results, were you really asking if I lost weight? 

Hang in there, I’ll tell you:  the scale did not move.  Yes you read that right:  Same weight before and after.  BUT, all of my measurements went down!  Especially my waist!  And friends started asking me if I’d lost weight.  And more importantly, I feel awesome!  (you can tell how awesome by the over-use of my exclamation marks there!!!)

Will I do it again?  Absolutely.  In fact, next time I’ll probably cleanse for 10-14 days.

By the way, I’m not affiliated with PALETA (unless they need an East-Coast spokesperson).  I simply wanted to share with you another tool in the health and wellness world.  Or, for the next time you find yourself at a party with the overwhelming urge to shove your host out of the way, snatch the leftover dessert off the counter to make a quick getaway, leaving a trail of marshmallows in your wake….

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  1. LOVE Paleta! And I vote for Darcy as the East-coast rep!!

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