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Eating healthy = fat loss?

I was talking to a friend of mine, and though she is not a client, she enjoys chatting with me about food, fitness & nutrition.  Actually, she was lamenting that she’s been eating “really healthy” lately but wasn’t losing any weight.  She highlighted some changes that had taken place in her body:  clear skin, strong nails, thick hair, more energy, and no acid reflux.  She was happy about all of these improvements, yet was struggling to understand why her weight & clothes sizes were staying the same.

“But I’m eating healthy.”

And yes, it sounded like she was eating more healthfully than before. (Yay Friend!)  But she was also eating a lot of {{healthy}} foods that are high in fat and large portions of {{healthy}} grains like brown rice and quinoa.

This blog post is not intended to pick on fat or grains/carbohydrate or any macronutrient for that matter, this blog post is to provide some clarity to this statement:

“I’m eating healthy, but I’m not losing weight.”

I work with my clients by stabilizing the hormones that control hunger/cravings/energy, teaching them about macro & micronutrients, and help them find their personal fat loss formula (if that is their goal.)  Very rarely do we count calories, simply because we don’t need to.  Usually, when hormones are balanced, the calories work themselves out.  But that doesn’t mean we should ignore them.  Calories count, we just don’t need to micromanage them.

Back to my friend…yes, fat is healthy and good for you. You need fat.  By the way, I’m talking about the fat that comes from nuts, avocado, seeds and oils, not the fat in fried foods and commercially prepared-packaged baked goods.  But, and this is a big BUT, fat and foods like nuts, are very calorie dense.  A little goes a long way.  Turns out, my friend was eating multiple handfuls of homemade trail mix, consuming a lot of calories, in a relatively small amount of {{healthy}} food.

Small glass dish of trail mix on counter top

Something similar was happening with her grain consumption. Her portions were big and she was eating them at every single meal.  Big portions=more calories.   By the way, some people tolerate grains very well, some don’t—that’s a discussion for another time. 

From our short conversation, my theory was that she was eating a lot of healthy food, but had not created a calorie deficit that is needed to lose body fat.

Eating healthy does NOT automatically create fat loss. 

But, you can create fat loss through healthy eating. 

After a lengthy discussion, she looked straight at me & specifically asked what I would do if I were in her situation.

My answer:  Hire me as your Coach (haha!)

Seriously though, this is what I told her… I’d start by eating smaller portions of starchy carbohydrates and larger portions of the more fibrous carbohydrates like broccoli, spinach, asparagus, cauliflower, etc.  I’d keep my starchy carbohydrates in the mornings & for meals after workouts.  I’d eat 1 serving of trail mix (1 serving = about ¼ cup) per day, and find snack alternatives as substitutes for the other trail mix times.  I’d keep a close eye on my hunger, energy, cravings & step on the scale + take measurements every week at the same time to monitor progress.

Smiling, she was relieved I didn’t tell her to count calories and said she could “totally” make those changes.  Remember, everyone is different & I know her well enough to feel comfortable making those suggestions; plus, she asked me…I normally don’t go handing out unsolicited advice.  But that doesn’t mean those changes would work for you, it might not work for her either, I’ll see her again in 2 weeks to find out and make an additional recommendations if she wants them and/or needs them!

If YOU would like personalized suggestions, email me (darcy@darcyknoblich.com) to schedule a FREE consultation to find out if Health Coaching can help you achieve your health, fat loss, or wellness goals.  In the meantime, here are your action steps:

 Coach Darcy’s Action Steps:

  1. Know your goal(s.)  Eating for fat loss looks a little different than eating for “health”

  2. Pay attention to serving sizes.  Except fibrous vegetables…go crazy with those!

  3. If you are not getting the results you want, re-assess & adjust until you figure out what works for you.  (i.e. have patience)

  4. Reach out to those in-the-know for support or if you get stuck!  

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