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Beach Vacation 2014

I’ve written about living the Fatloss Lifestyle on Vacation before In this blog post HEREYet during my most recent beach vacation I took a slightly different approach.

Going into this vacay I anticipated that I would not have as much “control” over the food choices as I have in past vacations.  Mostly because people other than myself, would be deciding the meal menus.  You see, this beach vacation was tied into our annual Knoblich Cup Family Reunion.  Part of the festivities is that a separate family host each main meal during the reunion while the meals in between are typically shared with those who are staying in the house with you.  (Shout out to the residents of the Patriarch House—3 dogs and 9 adults = lots of laughs & good memories!)  Unlike eating at a restaurant, I would not have a variety of choices other than those presented.

Since I knew what to expect food-wise and my goal was to maintain my weight, I decided to set up 3 Non-Negotiable Guidelines (NNG) that I would follow religiously every single day, no matter what.  Beyond these 3 NNG, I would do my best, indulge when it was worth it, and in general not stress about what ever else I was eating (or drinking).

Protein Shake

NNG #1: Drink 1 Protein Shake Every Morning for Breakfast

Why I did it:  It’s super easy to bring a tub of protein with you in your suitcase.  Also, I knew the house we were staying had a blender, though I had my Blender Bottle with me in case it was broken.

I anticipated that there would be pastries & doughnuts available for breakfast.  While both of those are delicious, I’d rather save my splurges for things like margaritas & pizza.  Also, when I have a protein shake first thing in the morning, I find my cravings are reduced and energy levels stay more balanced.  Also, it feels really good start the morning off strong with a choice that supports my physique goals.

How I did:  90% Success.  There was only one morning I skipped my shake.  Not to eat a doughnut, but to eat sautéed spinach, scrambled eggs & sausages (thanks to my husband and father-in-law for their grocery store trip.)


NNG #2:  Drink a Minimum of 3 Liters of Water Every Day

Why I did it: When I get dehydrated, I get puffy and start to crave sugar like crazy.  I knew there would be a ton of food accessible to me that I normally don’t have in my house.  Staying hydrated helps me decipher between true hunger & cravings for the cookies that are an arm’s reach away from me.

How I did:  100% Success.  Most days I exceeded my minimum.  This NNG is habit for me & didn’t require too much extra thought on my part.  Wherever I am, my water bottle is usually close by!

Leisure Walks

NNG #3:  Move My Body Every Day

And by “move” I mean everything from leisure walks with the dogs, to scheduled workouts.

Why I did it:  First and foremost, working out makes me feel good and boosts my sprits, secondly, I knew I would be consuming more calories than I usually do at home in my “normal” life.  Though I talk a lot about balancing the hunger hormones to create fat loss, calories are important too.  So more food=more calories=more of a reason to get your body moving to burn the extras.

How I did:  100% Success!  Our rental house was in a fabulously walk-able neighborhood & my 2 pups gave me plenty of reasons to get out walk to my heart’s content!  I also brought my TRX, trained my husband & myself 3 times during the week.  In addition, one of my Pilates clients who had traveled to the beach the week before gave me some insider information about Pilates classes on the beach.  I hit this class 2 times!


Coach Darcy’s Note #1:  if you travel a lot for work or for fun, invest in a TRX.  It travels well; I have the over-the-door adaptor & can knock out killer full-body workouts with just this one piece of equipment

Coach Darcy’s Note #2:  if you are in Bethany Beach, check out Beach Pilates and Wellness.  Pilates on the beach with the sun in your face, toes in the sand and the beach patrol working out nearby make for an amazing morning!


My weight & measurements before and after vacation were identical!  This is a victory for me, when I’m on vacation my goals become about maintaining and automating my physique.  I don’t want to spend a ton of energy thinking about what I’m eating and drinking…I want to spend that energy enjoying time with family.  Now, that being said, when I could, I selected the most fatloss friendly options (bunless burgers, big salads, large servings of protein, protein shakes if needed a snack, etc.) but I took my indulgences when they were worth it for me:  brownies, cookies, pizza, margaritas & sangria.  YUM!

Knoblich Cup

Final Words

Maybe it was because I so well fueled, hydrated, and pumped up from my workouts… whatever the reason, I am proud to reveal that I am the 2014 Knoblich Mini-Cup winner!!!!!  Until next year dear family members…

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