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January 2014 Cycling Playlist

I have a favorite grey T-shirt that is 20+ years old.  I know this, because it was issued to me in High School for PE class.  It was part of our uniform, along with lovely polyester kelly green shorts.  The T-shirt more than made up for what the shorts were lacking in comfort.  The shorts were really terrible!

I am not a pack rat at all, but somehow this grey High School PE t-shirt has remained in my possession through the years.  And much to my husband’s chagrin, has also remained a regular piece in my wardrobe…but only as a pajama shirt (which is possibly even more disappointing to my husband.)

I love this T-shirt for it’s softness, it’s coziness, it’s history (I hated PE in High School—ironic that fitness is a major part of my chosen career) and for the fact I can still fit into it :)

How does this relate to indoor cycling? 

Jan2014_featured ride

Here’s my analogy:  Interval Cycling Rides are the equivalent of my worn out grey t-shirt:  comfortable & easy!  –Though not in the physical sense!  Interval rides are my go-to when either inspiration is running low or I am short on time.  I know I can teach the hell out of an interval ride!  Everyone will have a good time and get a great workout!

Thus, January’s Indoor Cycling Playlist & Profile:  GOODNESS GRACIOUS is an interval ride.  What more can I say about it other than you have hills, valleys, anaerobic heart rates, awesome music and a really good time!
Did I mention the music was awesome?  It is.

January Cycling Playlist

If you are interested in how I choreographed the songs, need new ideas for a ride, or are in a pinch and need a playlist/profile pronto –> You are in luck, my entire profile with teaching cues, techniques, heart rate, RPM suggestions and links to the music is available for purchase on my shop page.

Click HERE

Also, here is the free Soundcloud download of Loverboy I used.  Check it out:

Enjoy the tunes and enjoy the ride!

December Cycling Playlist

My first thought upon creating this playlist was:  “Crap, it’s already December & I haven’t finished a new playlist for November!” Seriously, what happened to November?  I don’t know, apparently I fell into a time warp and woke up on the other side of the month.  Either way, it’s December & I have a brandRead More >

October Cycling Playlist

Hot off the presses.  Tested just this morning in my 6:15am Spinning® class.  I give you my featured October Indoor Cycling Playlist & Profile:  Music Married Movement 14 songs. 1 hour long:  An Interval Ride incorporating anaerobic work with recovery.  It includes three hills along with countless opportunities to challenge your legs and lungs asRead More >

September Cycling Playlist

When I sit down to create a new Spinning® or Indoor Cycling profile and playlist I often find that I’ll have the entire thing written except for one remaining song.  Usually that song fits a specific need:  length, mood, or tempo.  I don’t want a whole profile, I just need one song.  Of course, I’mRead More >

2013 WSSC Conference Recap

Ahhhh, I finally think I’ve recovered from last weekend in Miami and wanted to give you a recap of the awesomeness I was once again grateful to be a part of.  As I sat down to review my photos and look through my little notebook of thoughts that accompanied me to every session I feltRead More >

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